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What I hoped to accomplish by writing The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice & Other Stories from Natural Medicine.


My hope is that other health care providers will read this book for information and also to take a peak inside one person’s experience of offering medical care. I hope to inspire those readers to find time for reflection about their own work and to feel empowered to share those thoughts and feelings with others. It is, at least in part, by exposing our experiences and sharing openly that we advance our profession.


I also hope this book finds its way into the hands of those less familiar with natural medicine approaches. There is so much room for the expansion of this profession. My interest was in writing a book that would be accessible and interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, with something in it for everyone.


I have noticed when people pick up the book, they immediately turn to the table of contents; I know what they are looking for--help for themselves or for a loved one. We all have things we are trying to fix or people we are trying to help and we often look to experienced people for advice. I love that innate urge I often see in people to help others; it is such loving compassion that is alive and thriving in all avenues of medicine.


By sharing about myself as a person, a bit about my family and my experience in becoming an ND as well as practicing over 25 years, I hope to gain the confidence of readers and share information for everyone’s benefit. I think many of us are drawn to stories, so patient stories seemed, at least in my hand, a colorful and compelling way to share the work of naturopathic medicine with the world.


Amy Rothenberg ND