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Amy Rothenberg Amy Rothenberg is a naturopathic physician in private practice, a writer, and a teacher of complimentary and alternative medicine.

She is the author of The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice and Other Stories from Natural Medicine.  This collection of essays and reflections helps to define and exemplify the work of naturopathic medicine and further propel patients, medical colleagues and policy makers toward deeper understanding and appreciation of these effective and gentle approaches to healing.


Book Cover

'In this charming, informative and inspiring book, Dr. Amy Rothenberg tells the story of her life as doctor, mother and partner, and of her work with many patients. The book is philosophical, fun, poignant, and practical--and a wonderfully entertaining addition to the literature of natural healing.'

- Bill Gottlieb
author, Alternative Cures
former editor-in-chief, Rodale Books and Prevention Magazine Books